• Yesterday
    Sinclair CC vs
    Cuyahoga CC
    NJCAA Region XII Baseball Tournament - Completion of suspended game
  • Yesterday
    Delta at
    (11) 3
    Elgin CC
    NJCAA Division III District B Baseball Championship
  • Yesterday
    Delta at
    Elgin CC
    NJCAA Division III District B Baseball Championship
  • Yesterday
    Lansing CC vs
    Sinclair CC
    NJCAA Region XII Division II Baseball Tournament
  • Saturday, May 20
    Kellogg CC vs
    (5) 4
    Cuyahoga CC
    NJCAA Region XII Division II Baseball Tournament
  • Saturday, May 20
    Sinclair CC vs
    Cuyahoga CC
    NJCAA Region XII Division II Baseball Tournament
Region XII Meetings

NJCAA Region XII Agendas and Minutes

Meeting Document
March, 2016  
Men's Minutes march16menmin.docx
Women's Minutes march16womenmin.docx
Joint Minutes march16jointmin.docx
September, 2015  
Men's Minutes sept15mensmin.docx
Women's Minutes sept15womensmin.docx
Joint Minutes sept15jointmin.docx
March, 2015  
Men's Minutes march15mensmin.docx
Women's Minutes march15womensmin.docx
Joint Minutes march15jointmin.docx
September, 2014  
Men's Minutes sept14mensmin.docx
Women's Minutes sept14womensmin.docx
Joint Minutes sept14jointmin.docx
March, 2014  
Men's Minutes march14mensmin.docx
Women's Minutes march14womensmin.docx
Joint Minutes march14jointmin.docx
September, 2013  
Men's Minutes sept13mensmin.docx
Women's Minutes sept13womensmin.docx
Joint Minutes sept13jointmin.docx
March, 2013  
Men's Minutes march13mensmin.docx
Women's Minutes march13womensmin.docx
Joint Minutes march13jointmin.docx
September, 2012  
Men's Minutes sept12mensmin.docx
Women's Minutes sept12womensmin.docx
Joint Minutes sept12jointmin.docx
March, 2012  
Men's Minutes march12mensmin.docx
Women's Minutes march12womensmin.docx
Joint Minutes march12jointmin.docx
September, 2011  
Men's Minutes sept11mensmin.doc
Women's Minutes sept11womensmin.doc
Joint Minutes sept11jointmin.doc
March, 2011  
Men's Minutes march11mensmin.doc
Women's Minutes march11womensmin.doc
Joint Minutes march11jointmin.doc
September, 2010  
Men's Minutes sept10mensmin.doc
Women's Minutes sept10womensmin.doc
Joint Minutes sept10jointmin.doc
March, 2010  
Men's Minutes march10mensmin.doc
Women's Minutes march10womensmin.doc
Joint Minutes march10jointmin.doc
September, 2009  
Men's Minutes sept09mensmin.doc
Women's Minutes sept09womensmin.doc
Joint Minutes sept09jointmin.doc
March, 2009  
Men's Minutes march09mensmin.doc
Women's Minutes march09womensmin.doc
Joint Minutes march09jointmin.doc
September, 2008  
Men's Minutes sept08mensmin.doc
Women's Minutes sept08womensmin.doc
Joint Minutes sept08jointmin.doc
March, 2008  
Men's Minutes march08mensmin.doc
Women's Minutes march08womensmin.doc
Joint Minutes march08jointmin.doc
September, 2007  
Men's Minutes sept07mensmin.doc
Women's Minutes sept07womensmin.doc
Joint Minutes sept07jointmin.doc
March, 2007  
Men's Minutes march07mensmin.doc
Women's Minutes march07womensmin.doc
Joint Minutes march07jointmin.doc
September, 2006  
Men's Minutes sept06mensmin.doc
Women's Minutes sept06womensmin.doc
Joint Mintues sept06jointmin.doc
March, 2006  
Men's Minutes march06mensmin.doc
Women's Minutes march06womensmin.doc
Joint Minutes march06jointmin.doc
September, 2005  
Men's Minutes sept05mensmin.pdf
Women's Minutes sept05womensmin.doc
Joint Minutes sept05jointmin.pdf
March, 2005  
Men's Minutes march05mensmin.doc
Women's Minutes march05womensmin.doc
Joint Minutes march05jointmin.doc
September, 2004  
Men's Minutes sept04mensmin.doc
Women's Minutes sept04womensmin.doc
Joint Minutes sept04jointmin.doc
March, 2004  
Men's Minutes march04mensmin.doc
Women's Minutes march04womensmin.doc
Joint Minutes march04jointmin.doc
September, 2003  
Men's Minutes sept03mensmin.doc
Women's Minutes sept03womenmin.doc
Joint Minutes sept03jointmin.doc